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Sneak Peak: Pacifica's Lumberjack Challenge
Summer had once again come to Gravity Falls, and for Pacifica Northwest that meant only one thing, the return of the Pines Twins. Yes the town heroes had come back to Gravity Falls at every opportunity in the past year. Every holiday, every season break, somehow they even managed singular day offs from school just to come back to this town. What was even more impressive was that their Great Uncles manage to come back for these days as well so Dipper and Mabel would have them to look after them, exactly how was a bit of mystery. When confronted on how they were able to pull any of this off, considering how they were supposed to be traveling the world, they would usually respond with 'It's a family secret'.
It didn't matter to Pacifica though, she always took advantage of any time they were back in town. The Pines twins, the younger ones, were very special friends to her. Mabel was fun and more emotionally understanding than her brother was, the golf courses she came up with were a lot o
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Dipper's Gun by mdizzle999872 Dipper's Gun :iconmdizzle999872:mdizzle999872 3 7
Dipper Pines, Paranormal Detective p 17
Jack Frost floated through the air blissfully singing to himself.
"Back in black, da da de de do, I don't know the words but Jaaaaaaack is baaaack!"
"Pretty sure that's not how that song goes." Dipper commented.
"Oh whatever, listen you go find your Blonde Bombshell and I'm going to go check on the Icecube and the pixie gnat."
"Jack, I have just one question."
"What's that, Flip-A-Dip-Dip?"
"Don't call me that. Never call me that. Ever! My question for you is why can I see you right now? I'm not wearing the goggles!"
"Oh well that's simple, I'm just allowing you to. That's all."
This struck a nerve with Dipper. The goggles were his first successful invention as a child, for them to be unnecessary for their intended purpose was infuriating.
"Excuse me?!"
"Of course, I only let you use those goggles so much because I thought they made you look funny!"
"You dick!"
Dipper was about to really lay in to him when Siegfried's roar finally reached their part of the cave.
"What was that? I thoug
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Dipper Pines, Paranormal Detective p16
Dipper and Pacifica were doing their best to tail Siegfried and his goons without being noticed. Thankfully enough, they were far enough away to see them with the fading light yet could still be concealed in the darkness around them. However, just to play it safe, they made sure to keep as low to the ground as possible.
Siegfried came to a sudden stop, throwing up his arms to stop the march of his little brigade.
"Hold on everyone, a thought just occurred to me." Siegfried announced. "Bartholomew, get back to the ritual rock and put the protective spell from page 394 on it. If that human can figure out our plan just by seeing through my lies then it probably wouldn't take him too long to figure out how we did everything."
"Aw come on, why can't Ruth go?"
"Because Ruth has a weight limit, now march!"
Finding refuge behind a large rock, Pacifica listened intently, waiting for Dipper to give the order a tail Bart. It never came, Dipper was being unusually quiet. Turning her attention to h
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Dipper Pines, Paranormal Detective p15
"I said, 'Let's talk this out like proper businessmen, shall we?' No reason why we can't be civilized about this." stated the stout man.
This man had a peaceful and pleasant look on his face as he smiled at them like an old friend. Dipper wasn't fooled for one minute, having Grunkle Stan in his wonder years taught him how to recognize a con man just by looking at them. This guy was as fake as a three dollar bill.
"What are you?" Pacifica asked bluntly. "You don't seem to be human but you don't look like any magical creature or paranormal monster I've ever seen."
"Why my dear girl, I am what is called a Dwarf."
"A Dwarf? I've actually never met a Dwarf before."
"Really my dear boy? Well then it's my pleasure to be the first. My name is Siegfried and these are my two associates Bartholomew and our little Ruthless. Sadly our stone sentinel here doesn't really have a name."
"Ruthless?" repeated Dipper.
"Yeah! Ruth is short for Ruthless!" snapped Ruth.
"Fitting name." Pacifica commented dry
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Dipper Pines, Paranormal Detective p14
Pacifica thought that as soon as Dipper woke up they could talk about what happened and put an end to the awkwardness she felt. Oh but she was very wrong! The awkwardness had only just begun.
Dipper and Pacifica sat at opposite ends of the cave, avoiding eye contact with one another. The silence was the most frustrating thing for both of them. They knew they should talk about what just happened, they knew the longer they put it off the harder it would be, but both were acting too shy and embarrassed to take that first step. Dried clothes probably would have been a big help if it wasn't for the fact that they were damp at best at the moment.
"I'm sorry..." Dipper chimed in quietly.
"For what?" Pacifica's volume was nearly as quiet as Dipper's. "You saved my life, Dipper. You did what you had to so I could survive right?"
Dipper stared at the floor. "Yeah... but... I could understand if you were upset because I had to... you know..."
Pacifica mimicked Dipper's actions. "Yeah... not a fan
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Dipper Pines, Paranormal Detective p13
Things had gone quickly south as soon as Dipper and Pacifica had left Jack. The heavy snow fall had turned in to a full fledged blizzard, they trudged on through the snow following the compass though. However, the distance they needed to travel was greater than they anticipated and now the only thing they could see around them was a white flurry of wind.
"PACIFICA, IT'S NO GOOD!!" Dipper shouted over the wind. "WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF THIS STORM!!!"
Dipper looked to his compass one last time and swore as both needles spun around inside the compass. 'Jack must be at half strength right now!'
With goggles on, they flipped their switches and the green vision filled their views. Dipper pulled on the diode for both their goggles and their vision turned from green to red. Pacifica would guess that it was some weird type of a different thermal vis
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Dipper Pines, Paranormal Detective p12
The drive out had been peaceful enough, but Dipper knew he was getting close when it started to snow. He turned the heating for the RV up as he turned in to a mountain park, the further he went the heavier the snow became. He sighed tiredly, working with Jack Frost was never pleasant and now Pacifica was going to learn all about the guy. A part of him was afraid of how she might look at him after meeting his bad friend, it was said you could judge someone by the company they keep after all. As soon as they met there was no going back.
Turning a hard right, Dipper spotted a hole in the snow clouds at the top of the hill and headed towards it. Pacifica had told him she needed a hot shower to brace herself for whatever cold they were about to go up against so Dipper couldn't go over a game plan with her just yet. As soon as he got to the top of the hill he heard Pacifica give out a high pitched shriek.
"I guess we're here then."
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Dipper Pines, Paranormal Detective p11
Dipper had driven them through two states already and the trip had been surprisingly quiet. Not in the awkward silence way but in that they had no other monsters giving them trouble kind of way. Since their adventure with Edna, Dipper had been mailing a letters to Mabel with details on the cases he and Pacifica had solved. They had made a couple of stops naturally, to things like eat and chat or just to get more gas. Yet through these small acts they found themselves enjoying the company of each other a little more each time. Once they had even stopped at a picnic table just to play chess. Before they knew it, two weeks had already passed.
Night had covered their surroundings as Dipper drove up to large building. It reminded Pacifica of an Office Depot building, the only difference being the giant words on the top of the building spelling out the words 'The Craft Shack'. Naturally the S of the sign looked like it was going to fall off at any second.
Pacifica had fallen asleep in the pa
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Dipper Pines, Paranormal Detective p10
Both Dipper and Pacifica stared at the newspaper on the table inside the RV.
"It is odd Pacifica, but are you sure he couldn't have just... I don't know, kept some money under his mattress or something? I mean Gruncle Stan had like fifty hiding places for money."
"No Northwest does that because it'd be too risky having the maid or the butler find it by accident and making off with it. No. I'm telling you, he had to have some type of supernatural help!"
Dipper stared at the newspaper harder. "Are you sure there isn't anyway he could have landed on his feet safely."
"No. I'm telling you Dipper, it just doesn't make sense. Even my father had no choice but to settle on becoming a warehouse manager, there is no reason for my cousin to be doing this well. By all accounts he should be in the poorhouse right now!"
Dipper rubbed his chin thought for a moment in silence before coming to a decision.
"Alright, you've convinced me."
She looked up from the newspaper at him with hope in her
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Mature content
Dipper Pines, Paranormal Detective p9 :iconmdizzle999872:mdizzle999872 20 48
Mature content
Dipper Pines, Paranormal Detective p8 :iconmdizzle999872:mdizzle999872 15 39
Dipper Pines, Paranormal Detective p7
Dipper and Pacifica made their trek towards Edna's cottage, although the atmosphere was a little less professional than Dipper would have liked.
"Oh quit pouting! With any luck, this won't take too long!"
"I am not pouting! I just don't like this woman, that's all."
"Well that's fine. You are free to hate her as much as you want, just don't let it interfere with the job. We're supposed to be professionals so put the hostilities on ice."
Pacifica sighed in defeat. "Fine...what is she supposed to be anyways? You said she wasn't human, so what is she? A gorgon or something?"
"HA! Yeah, I wish she was something that simple! If she was a gorgon this case would already be closed."
"Then what is she?"
Dipper and Pacifica were almost on top of the cottage now, but Pacifica had been dragging behind slightly. Maybe it was because she was confused on what Edna actually was, or maybe it was because she really didn't want anymore interaction with her, but it certainly wasn't because she was enjoyin
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Dipper Pines, Paranormal Detective p6
Mayor Brown was a short man, fat and stout. His balding head shined in the light from the overhead hanging lamp. Sitting behind his desk, he sweated nervously under Dipper's intense glare. Pacifica sat next to Dipper on the other side of the desk, the fold out chairs they were sitting on weren't comfortable at all.
Mayor Brown cleared his throat. "Um...could you stop glaring at me please?"
"I told you were you that you were still in danger! I told you that you weren't safe yet!! I told you to let me continue my investigation but you didn't listen!!!" yelled Dipper.
Mayor Brown grabbed a handkerchief from the pocket of his blue business suit and wiped the sweat off of his face. "I know that now, and you were right! It's exactly like last time but worse now! Last time we lost twelve people in a month, this time we've lost over twenty in a week!"
'Twenty in a week?' Pacifica thought. 'What are we dealing with here?'
Dipper sighed. "Alright, I'm willing to take the case again
:iconmdizzle999872:mdizzle999872 17 20
Dipper Pines, Paranormal Detective p5
Pacifica woke up to notice something was very wrong. Her bed was severely lacking in the silk sheets she had imported from China, her llama plushie was gone, her velvet blankets were missing, and her alarm clock hadn't gone off. She sat up and saw the privacy curtain Dipper had made for her and it all came flooding back to her.
She gave herself a once over. She had slept in her clothes; to be fair she didn't have any pajamas anymore. She was going to have to talk to Dipper about going shopping. She pulled back the privacy curtain to find the RV empty, Dipper wasn't anywhere to be seen.
She took two steps and a sudden chill ran down her spine, there was something behind her, she could feel the ominousness in the air. She slowly turned around to see a giant flaming eyeball floating in the air. Despite being an eyeball, it still had a layer of skin to cover itself and form eyelids, although it seemed horribly burned.
Pacifica screamed for all she was worth as she ran to the driver's end o
:iconmdizzle999872:mdizzle999872 20 25
DPPD Intro Montage
The original Gravity Falls theme starts as an RV speeds down the road.
Dipper and Pacifica share a smile as the vehicle passes by a sign which reads "Now leaving Gravity Falls".
The RV eventually gets parked as the laptop flashed red and Dipper and Pacifica race out of the living quarters entrance to the RV and down a street.
The scene changes to an underground passage where Dipper is following a set of footprints with a magnifying glass.
Now the scene has them back in the RV as it races down a street passing several mailboxes, separately reading "Who", "What", "Where", "When", "Why", and "How".
The scene changes once again and both Dipper and Pacifica are underground again. Pacifica shines her flashlight on the same horned skeleton from the original intro. Pacifica jumps at the sight but Dipper merely rolls his eyes at it, well before the skeleton started moving and tried to chase them anyways.
Dipper was hanging from the manotaur's ceiling with his whip, holding Pacifica by her waist
:iconmdizzle999872:mdizzle999872 10 29


Happy Birthday blue by jayfoxfire Happy Birthday blue :iconjayfoxfire:jayfoxfire 72 15 Hug!!! by cipines Hug!!! :iconcipines:cipines 19 5 Dipper Pines: Paranormal Detective by TheLargeTreeWizard Dipper Pines: Paranormal Detective :iconthelargetreewizard:TheLargeTreeWizard 2 3 Danny Phantom y Supergirl by JokerAngewomon Danny Phantom y Supergirl :iconjokerangewomon:JokerAngewomon 58 16 AT: Cherry Blossom Tree by TeLinkfan1 AT: Cherry Blossom Tree :icontelinkfan1:TeLinkfan1 164 42 ANIME GRAVITY FALLS - PACIFICA AND DIPPER - SHIP by Alex-Sakamaki ANIME GRAVITY FALLS - PACIFICA AND DIPPER - SHIP :iconalex-sakamaki:Alex-Sakamaki 13 2 Dipper X Pacifica  by JackieGirl99 Dipper X Pacifica :iconjackiegirl99:JackieGirl99 67 31 Firs kiss! (re-coloring) by sketchguy7908 Firs kiss! (re-coloring) :iconsketchguy7908:sketchguy7908 16 0 LoZ ::Zelink Kiss:: Post-Breath of the Wild by Sunney90 LoZ ::Zelink Kiss:: Post-Breath of the Wild :iconsunney90:Sunney90 201 35 Dipcifica request by CrispWiz Dipcifica request :iconcrispwiz:CrispWiz 70 2 Sonic and Sally hug by jayfoxfire Sonic and Sally hug :iconjayfoxfire:jayfoxfire 96 15 SonSal-A December day by NinjaHaku21 SonSal-A December day :iconninjahaku21:NinjaHaku21 358 45 RWBY Chibi: Jaune and Pyrrha by Jyojiriin RWBY Chibi: Jaune and Pyrrha :iconjyojiriin:Jyojiriin 233 19 Godzilla 2014 vs Godzilla 1998 by AmirKameron Godzilla 2014 vs Godzilla 1998 :iconamirkameron:AmirKameron 230 91 ChiChi's Armor Malfunction by KoochieKoochieToons ChiChi's Armor Malfunction :iconkoochiekoochietoons:KoochieKoochieToons 188 22


Summer had once again come to Gravity Falls, and for Pacifica Northwest that meant only one thing, the return of the Pines Twins. Yes the town heroes had come back to Gravity Falls at every opportunity in the past year. Every holiday, every season break, somehow they even managed singular day offs from school just to come back to this town. What was even more impressive was that their Great Uncles manage to come back for these days as well so Dipper and Mabel would have them to look after them, exactly how was a bit of mystery. When confronted on how they were able to pull any of this off, considering how they were supposed to be traveling the world, they would usually respond with 'It's a family secret'.

It didn't matter to Pacifica though, she always took advantage of any time they were back in town. The Pines twins, the younger ones, were very special friends to her. Mabel was fun and more emotionally understanding than her brother was, the golf courses she came up with were a lot of fun. Then of course there was Dipper Pines.

Ah yes, her emotionally grounding rock labeled Dipper Pines. The boy was blunt, straightforward, and made her knees weak whether he knew it or not. Yes Dipper had shown her a path which was different from the one her parents had picked out for her, a path in which she could develop herself in to her own person. A certain level of freedom came from associating with Dipper, Mabel too but on a different level, he was basically a worry free zone for her. Naturally she was still an elitist for everything she tried and a perfectionist for every goal she set but with Dipper she could explore areas of herself without fear of persecution or judgement.

The truth was that Pacifica wasn't sure what type of person she wanted to develop in to but whoever it was seemed to be leaning more in the 'nice girl' direction. Of course this could all be because of Dipper's influence on her, the boy somehow knew what it was like to be insecure and how awkward it can feel to venture in to new social areas. The boy knew how to give her 'the grins'... whether he was aware of it or not.

Yes Dipper's obliviousness was both a blessing and a curse at the same time for Pacifica. A blessing in that he wasn't on to her at all so she had no worries about embarrassing herself and a curse in which he probably wasn't going to make a move on her so long as he was in the dark.

Mabel on the other hand was completely on to her. And while she did promise not to tell Dipper about it herself, that didn't really stop her from trying to hook the two of them up. Doing things like sawing a leg off a bench they were sitting on so Dipper would end up sliding down close to her or when she rigged the Mystery Shack with hanging mistletoe all over the place. That created many awkward situations for many people visiting the tourist trap.

She liked to think that the thing she liked best about Dipper was that he believed in her. When he believed in her ability to change it felt like well founded optimism as opposed to the blind optimism she would have come to expect from your average thirteen year old. When he believed in her she found it easier to believe in herself, he created an aura of confidence for her.

So this was basically why she couldn't get enough of the guy, the more time with Dipper the better. One oddity she noticed however, was Dipper's hat. He no longer sported the trucker hat with the blue pine tree on it, instead he now had some brown hat with ear flaps. She wasn't sure what that was about, or why he would get embarrassed when she tried to talk to him about it. She guessed it didn't matter though, not as long as she could spend time with him.

Riding through town, Pacifica smiled lovingly as she thought of Dipper, but she became quickly grounded back to reality when she spotted the genuine article in the town square as she rode by.

"Stop the limo!!"

Getting out of the limo, Pacifica found that it was more than just the Pines twins mulling about, the whole town seemed to be gathered. Which was odd. As a Northwest she was usually well versed in Gravity Falls events and celebrations. They even had the stage she stood on during Pioneer Day set up; how could she have missed this one? It was probable that her crush on Dipper was distracting her from the town's annual events. She tried to think what this one could be but for the life of her she couldn't bring it to mind, like she was suffering from some sort of mental block or something.

Cutting her way through the crowd she finally worked her way to Dipper.

"Hey Dipper, do you know what's going on here?"

"Oh! Hey Pacifica. Don't you know? I mean aren't you supposed to be all about the parties and celebrations of Gravity Falls?"

"Yes, but I've been a little... distracted as of late."

"It's the annual Gravity Falls Lumberjack Games. I have a friend competing so Mabel and I come out here to cheer her on!"

''Her'? Who is 'her'? Mabel and Candy don't seem like they would have the build for these type of games. Grenda? I guess she would but I doubt she could get Dipper this excited. Wait, is he staring? Shoot he is!! Been quiet for too long! Quick!! Say something!'

"Oh right, actually forgot about that one!" she admitted.

"I think she's here now. Would you mind hanging back here with Mabel while I try to get closer to the stage?"

"Of course not. Sure thing."

She stared at his retreating back as he cut through the crowd to the stage. She jumped when Mabel put her hand on her shoulder. She couldn't believe she hadn't noticed her sooner. Mabel stood wearing a sweater with a picture of a rainbow pig on it. She had an inordinate amount of cotton candy in her right hand. The cone was covered in something sparkly but Pacifica couldn't be sure if it was supposed to be glitter or sugar. With Mabel it was impossible to tell.

"This looks like it's going to a lot of fun, huh?"

The Lumberjack Games was actually the one event her family didn't bother going to. It was something about her mother being afraid they would all end up with maple syrup in their hair or something. The townspeople never seemed to care about their absence to this event so Pacifica never gave it a second thought.

"Suuure does!"

Pacifica offered Mabel an awkward grin and while it did result in a raised eyebrow from the sweater girl it didn't stop Mabel from offering Pacifica some of her cotton candy.

"So who is this 'friend' Dipper wants to cheer for? Candy? Grenda?"

Pacifica grabbed a handful of the cotton candy offered and ate in an almost 'grumpy' way. Then she turned her attention back to the crowd and tried to spot Dipper.

"Oh my Gummy Koalas! You're jealous, aren't you?!"

Pacifica immediately blushed at Mabel's accusation. She could already feel Mabel staring at her with those 'matchmaker' eyes of her's.

"No!! I am not!"

"EEEEEEE! So precious!"

"Get back to my question, Mabel! Who is the girl?!"

"Oh it's just Wendy, you know her."

"Oh." While Pacifica knew OF Wendy she didn't really KNOW Wendy. As far as she could tell, she was the red headed girl who worked at the Mystery Shack; she knew she was part of the weird hand holding circle thing, but outside of that she didn't really know anything.

The crowd cheered as Mayor Tyler made his way on to the stage toward the podium.

"Hello good friends of Gravity Falls. It is once again time for our yearly Gravity Falls Lumberjack Games, where we celebrate our wonderful lumber industry which keeps our town thriving. As usual our winner will be decided by the contestant with the most wins. Let's bring up our reigning champ, Wendy Corduroy!!"

The crowd cheered in applause as the red head sprinted up on to stage. Pacifica couldn't help but scoff as Wendy waved to the audience.

"'Wendy' huh? Pfft. What's so great about... wait, is she wearing Dipper's hat?!"

"Oh yeah, didn't you know? At the end of our first summer they traded hats as sort of a goodbye thing."

Pacifica narrowed her eyes at the red head and grabbed a handful of Mabel's cotton candy and ate it noisily.

"Now I know Wendy has been our undefeated champion at these games but I still encourage any of you to get on up here and sign up."

The sign up sheet was actually just a canvas on a stand, but there was an array of different colored markers to make it more fun.

Wendy pulled out an air horn from her back pocket and blew it earning a few cries of protest from those in the front row.

"Come on people, I gotta have someone to beat!"

As the crowd laughed at Wendy's joke, Pacifica spotted Dipper being closer to the stage laughing with the crowd. However, something seemed off... there was a certain level of awkwardness with the way Dipper was laughing.

"So what? They're like hat-buddies or something?"

"Oh no. See she cares about him but in a platonic way so that made his crush on her..."


(Insert Gravity Falls Opening Here)
Sneak Peak: Pacifica's Lumberjack Challenge
Yeah I'm still working on the one shot, but because it's so big it's taking a while. So I thought I'd give all my faithful readers a sneak peak to it with the beginning. The hardest part? Not working on the next chapter of DPPD. I hoped you enjoyed it. Comments are more appreciated than faves especially since they help me write. Enjoy this little bit while you can because when the actual story is ready this is coming down.
Dipper's Gun
What I made here was a basic concept of Dipper's Gun from my story Dipper Pines, Paranormal Detective. I know it's complete crap!! It was made with one of those computer sketch pads on DA Muro. It's actually pretty embarrassing really, but I thought should at least attempt to show the core concept for Dipper's gun from my head. Enjoy???


Mark Lemley
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'd like to think I write stories because I'm trying to work my way to writing a novel people would actually buy and enjoy



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Your birth tree is
Rowan, the Sensitivity

Full of charm, cheerful, gifted, without egoism, likes to draw attention, loves life, motion, unrest and even complications, is both dependent and independent, good taste, artistic, passionate, emotional, good company, does not forgive.

There are 267 days till Christmas 2017!
There are 280 days till Orthodox Christmas!

The moon's phase on the day you were
born was in its last quarter. 

mdizzle999872 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
You remembered!! :D

Oh I loved getting this last year too :XD:
Kelseyalicia Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017
Plan to get it every year
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